An A-Z of Erotic Types Massage and Common Terms

Erotic Massage Types

Erotic Massage Types and Common Terms

Aqua Massage

Water pleasures are an integral part of art called massage. Aqua massage can take place in the shower, in the bath, in the tube or jacuzzi. You could try a tantra aqua massage.

AMP (Asian Massage Parlors)

This is a massage with a happy ending in implementation of cute and exotic girls from Asia (usually Thai or Chinese)! This means that you get a sensual massage that ends up with a full-blown handjob or possibly more…

BDSM Massage

BDSM massage also known as “Dark Tantra”. In it, erotic massage is combined with fetish elements such as Bondage & Discipline (B/D), Dominance & Submission (D/S), Sadism & Masochism (S/M).

Body to Body Massage

If there is a perfect erotic massage for a man – this is it! What is unique about this type of massage is that besides hands, the masseuse uses her entire body to massage and satisfy the client.

Body Slide Massage

Another very sensual type of massage for a man. The masseuse like with Body to Body Massage uses her whole body. The “Slide” comes from a lubricant substance that is used to allow the therapist to slide her naked body over that of the client. This can happen from the front – chest to chest. Or behind when the masseuse slides her breasts onto the man’s back.

Couples Massage

An erotic and relaxing experience where you and your partner can spice things up! Learn new tricks and enjoy an interactive sensual sensory experience. Your masseuse will message you and your partner to a heightened state of erotic pleasure.

Candle Massage

This is the massage that will awaken your senses. The relaxing experience of intimate light and aroma-reviving candle therapy.

Erotic Massage

Sensual stimulation with massage techniques, refined for thousands of years. Erotic massage comes in many forms and types. However, it is important to understand that erotic massage does not mean exactly “sex”. Many massage therapists do not offer a “happy ending”.

Escort (Massage)

Escorts mean providing companionship services. Most escort agencies also offer erotic massage. Whether the massage will have a “happy ending”, depend entirely on the client’s preferences.


Also known as ‘Extra Service’ or ‘Service Plus’. Often clients require additional services from their massage therapists. Sometimes these are massage services with a happy ending.

Fantasy Massage

This is a fantasy world. Role playing games, various fetishes like latex, dominatrix or naughty schoolgirl – all of which fall under the definition of “Fantasy Massage”. Most massage parlors and agencies have a full range of costumes and accessories that are used during the service.

Full-Service Massage

What exactly goes into Full-Service Massage depends on the masseuse you have hired. But most often it’s an adult service that massage parlors do not publicly advertise. Full-Service is a standard in the escort industry.

Femdom Massage

This is a type of BDSM or Bondage Massage. It is performed by a specialist dominatrix, with much of the emphasis on roles and costumes.

Foam Massage

Oriental pleasure coming from Turkey. This type of massage relies on the pleasure of aromatic foam and water.

Four Hands Massage

Professional 4 hands massage performed by 2 highly trained therapists for the maximum of a synchronized perfection.

FBSM (Full Body Sensual Massage)

Sensual Massage, performed by a masseuse who is partially or completely naked. The main focus is on relaxation and erotica.

GSM (G-Spot Massage)

A sensual massage in which the masseur uses fingers or a toy to stimulate your G-spot.

Happy Ending Massage

This popular phrase is used when a therapist uses manual intervention to complete the massage, causing total ecstasy. Often the happy ending is not included in the original service and is further negotiated with the masseuse.

In-Call Massage

This service is an intimate encounter in the privacy of your hotel. Very relaxing & pampering nude body to body erotic Oil massage with extended foreplay & a mind-blowing happy ending.

Lingam Massage

Translated from Sanskrit: ‘shaft of light’. In this type of massage, the man’s penis is the focus of the manipulation.

LMP (Latina Massage Parlour)

As is clear from the full interpretation of the acronym, this is a massage performed by beautiful Latino girls (Spanish, Venezuelan, Colombian, Puerto Rican, Brazilian, etc.).


This is the Japanese version of “Madame” in a brothel. A woman in power who rules a geisha house.

MP (Massage Parlor)

Specialize place where massages are available for a fee.

Mutual Touch Massage

One of the unique types of massages in which the client is allowed to touch the therapist. Usually, this touch is limited to the tits of the masseuse, but all depends on the preliminary agreement between the two.

Nude Massage

Massage, in which both the client and the masseuse are naked.

Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is extremely beneficial for men’s health. During the procedure, the masseuse lubricates her seductive body with an odorless algae gel. It also rubs it into the client’s skin, pleasantly patting it with her hands. Then she lies down on him. The massage therapist sensually slides on the client, massaging him with breasts, ass, belly, legs. At the height of pleasure, sexual activity is available.

Outcall Massage

This service is an intimate encounter in the privacy of your hotel. Very relaxing & pampering nude body to body erotic Oil massage with extended foreplay & a mind-blowing happy ending.

PM (Prostate Massage)

Massage in which the masseuse exerts a gentle pressure with fingers or a toy on a man`s prostate. The Sacred Spot of Man is his Prostate Gland. Massaging this point can be extremely satisfying.

Penis Massage

Massage where the entire focus is on the penis and the male genitals.


Male version of Mamasan.

Reverse Body Slide

Unlike Body Slide Massage in Reverse version the client slides on the masseuse.

RA (Relaxation Assistant)

Synonymous with a masseuse, massage therapist.

Relaxing Massage

Identical with massage.

Reverse Massage

Synonymous with Mutual Massage. The client can also touch the masseuse.

Roleplay Massage

Massage in which different roles are played. This can be the role of the Dominatrix(or Master), the sex slave, the role of a nurse, a schoolgirl, a maid, a police officer, etc. Special fetish costumes and accessories are used for the purpose.

RMP (Russian Massage Parlor)

A massage parlor in which a masseuse therapists are from Russia or the former Soviet republics and Eastern Europe. Often this is Ukrainian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Czech, etc.

Rub & Tug

This type of massage comes from Asia and involves a happy ending. The focus is on the male genitals as the masseuse uses her breasts to massage and stimulate the area.

Sensual Massage

Massage for adults, but with the main focus not so much on the sexual experience, but on erotica and sensual sensation. Usually, no direct stimulation of the genitals is used and there is no happy ending, but the client feels a strong arousal from the intimacy of the massage.

Spanish Massage (penis between breasts)

In the East, this massage has another name: Turkish jerk off. Adult massage involving a happy ending.

Self-Service Massage

Massage in which the client serves himself under the guidance of the massage therapist.

Soapy Massage

A massage that comes from Thailand. It is very popular in Asia. It consists of 3 important phases. First a customer and masseuse come together in the bath tub for a good wash. Then, most often on the air-mattress, the masseuse applies foam (or soap) on the client’s body, and nude performs the Body Slide. The last phase of the massage takes place in the shower, where the therapist gently washes away the foam from the man’s body and if he wishes, makes a happy ending for him.

Slippery Massage

Similar to Nuru massage when the masseuse uses massage oil or lubricant. During the massage, she is naked and uses her whole body, sliding on the client’s body.

Signature Massages by Salon

A deep tissue massage that puts emphasis on some part of the body. This can also be aroma therapy, nice massage oils or even relaxing music.

Tantric Massage

The most important aspect of tantra massage is the unity of the couple who practice it, as a whole. Achieving unity between male and female origin in the universe. All touches are filled with love and sensuality. During the session, the masseuse acts on the client’s erogenous areas. Tantra is a very exciting massage with a happy ending. But Tantra can heal your body and soul.

Tie And Tease Massage

Form of BDSM massage. This is one of the most commonly used therapies in massage parlors. Commonly, the role of dominatrix is performed by the masseuse, and the client is tied with a rope, silk scarf or handcuffs while therapist is processing it. The roles and conditions of the massage are strictly specified in advance.


In the Netherlands, prostitution is legal, but in some other countries and parts of the world this is not the case. Tipping supports the existence of massage parlors offering sexual services. Receiving a tip is an important part of girls’ payment.

Vagina Massage

Adult massage in which the therapist massages and stimulates the client’s vagina with the hands (or toy). Also available with a happy ending.

Woman to Woman Erotic Massage

Exciting massage performed by woman for woman. There are various options for performing such as Sensual, Slippery, Body to Body and more.

Yoni Massage

Female version of Lingam or Penis massage. The focus is on the female genitals, and more specifically on the vagina and clitoris. It can be performed by both male masseur and a woman.

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